Flame Hardening

Efficient flame hardening and flame hardeners in Sheffield

If you need to selectively harden a certain component or section of a metal surface, then flame hardening is the ideal technique for achieving the best results. Contact us today!

What is flame hardening and how will it benefit you?

As a company with nearly 40 years' experience in the industry, we provide effective treatments and advice. Our flame hardening method of focusing on a smaller area means reduced costs, as well as less distortion, less machining and grinding and less processing time. It offers better wear of the part and longer life of the machine, and reduces downtime and maintenance costs. It hardens selected areas only: less coverage, less cost. As a company with nearly 40 years' experience in the industry, we can provide the most effective treatments and advice. Contact Multijet Hardening Ltd in Sheffield today.
flame hardening

What can it be used for?

This process is applied only to selected metal surfaces of carbon and alloy steels, cast and ductile irons and certain stainless steels. Typical components treated include:

•  Gears
•  Rollers
•  Shafts
•  Wheels
•  Single flange wheels
•  Double flange wheels
flame hardening method

The progressive method

In the progressive flame hardening method, the surface is scanned, rapidly heated and immediately quenched. 
It is used for:

•  Lagging drums
•  Liners
•  Cams
•  Punches
•  Gears
•  Cast bed ways
•  Crane drums
•  Bushings
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