Heat Treatments

Heat treatments to improve efficiency

If you're looking for heat treatments other than flame and induction hardening, such as carburising, we can help you. Get in touch with the experts at Multijet Hardening Ltd in Sheffield.

Other heat treatments available from Multijet Hardening Ltd

In addition to our speciality flame and induction hardening, we are able to offer a range of other heat treatments to help you and your company improve efficiency. We serve throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas.
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Flame hardening
  • Induction hardening
  • Heat treatments
  • Metal hardening
  • Heating specialists
heat treatments


Nitride Hardening
The absorption of nitrogen by ferrous materials.
Heating steel and allowing it to cool in the air
Softening steel to make it easier to work
The addition of carbon to the surface of steel


•  Enhances hardness
•  Enhances abrasion and corrosion resistance
•  Increases resistance to seizure and scuffing
•  Refines the microstructure of a material
•  Reduces internal stresses
•  Leaves the material ready for further processes
•  Enhances machinability
•  Helps ensure future dimensional stability
•  Reduces internal stresses
•  Enhances hardness
•  Improves abrasion resistance
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