Induction Hardening

Affordable induction hardening services

Do you want to increase the hardness level of your machinery? 
Let our professionals apply our induction hardening technique.

Metal heating and quenching

This process involves the rapid heating and quenching of metals using high frequency electrical fields. Like flame hardening, the technique helps prolong the life of your machinery. You will save on downtime and it facilitates the use of smaller sections for any given load. Induction hardening prolongs the component life and increases strength. 
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Metal heating

What can it be used for?

Typical components treated with this process:

•  Shafts or pins
•  Most carbon containing steels
•  Martensitic stainless steels
•  Bevel, helical and spur gears
induction hardening services

Benefits that you'll receive

Improves resistance to wear and fatigue.
The use of automated machines guarantees a constant and reliable hardness level. 

With over 40 years of experience, we provide you with expert workmanship on all our work.
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